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    Residential Cleaning Services Kelowna

    When first booking with us, we recommend an initial deep cleaning of your home. 

    Deep cleaning involves much more than your typical standard cleaning.

    Our deep cleaning includes areas that are often overlooked in a typical clean, such as deep cleaning of your walls and baseboards. Your walls collect dirt and marks overtime and are often the most overlooked area of your cleaning routine.

    All smudges, and marks will be removed either with magic eraser (on marks only) or microfibre cloth ensuring your paint is unharmed. 

    Refer to our deep cleaning check-list below for more information on areas cleaned. 

    After a first-time deep clean we continue on with maintenance cleaning.

    Our team of highly-trained detailed cleaners in Kelowna ensures all surfaces and floors in your home are cleaned throughout. 

    Depending on your cleaning needs and budget, you can book your residential essential cleaning weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – it’s up to you!

    Our residential cleaning services are available any day of the week. 

    We aim to accommodate your schedule so be sure to let us know when booking what days and time you would prefer. 

    Kelowna Deep Cleaning Checklist

    All walls & baseboards are wiped clean
    Doors are wiped down removing spills, fingerprints and dust
    All window tracks and sills that are within reaching distance are dusted, hand wiped or vacuumed
    Door frames, knobs, light switches are wiped cleaned
    Dishes are washed either by hand or put in the dishwasher
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